Soulful Dusk!

Soulful dusk is a glimpse on a raga from Hindustani music and the influence of it!

“Songs are emotions, expressed in such a way that only the soul understands!”

On a lovely Sunday afternoon, sun bright up, people around me busy in their lives, I was deeply engrossed in a song which started “Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage…”. Early this morning as I was snoozing my alarm (Sunday morning ritual!), happened to see a mail notification from my sister. It was the you tube link to this song, asking me to listen to it. As a normal college student would do on a Sunday morning, read the mail and was back on track to my seventh heaven in my awesome morning sleep. I got up as early as 12 in the noon, I was all set to catch up with the studies for following week. But wait a minute, with all due respect to my sister, wanted to listen to the link once before getting started. And thats the end of my study.. lost four hours in listening to the song and subsequent research on the song.

I was spellbound hearing it. I am no expert in music, but somehow this song was in loop in my playlist and I would have listened to it for at least 10 times since I started listening to it. Whats in it that literally made my heart crave for it again and again. Was it the situation? Was it the cast? Was it the singers? Was it the composition? Was it the cinematography ? Answer is yes to all, but I should have become fan of all of their works by now, but that’s not the case. There is something soulful beyond that. That was the start of my search.

“Puriya dhanashree” it is. Definitely not the name of my girl (as I write this on valentines day!). One of the most beautiful ragas of Hindustani Music (Little hint to your cognitive biases- am no music geek!!). It is one example as how music heavily depends on emotions. Every transition of this song creates a kind of reverberation in self. Not many  songs are in this raga as its a kind of heavy to the listener but if you can relate the essence, nothing can be as soothing as Puriya dhanashree. Usually referred to as the sunset raga, it instigates in you a sense of peace and calmness and allows you to consolidate the positivities of your day to day routine!

Apparently found out that few of my favorites in my playlist have their roots as puriya dhanashree like “Hey Rama” from Rangeela, “Jhelum” from Haider, “Ruthu Aagayi re” from 1947:Earth (There are few golden old songs too).All excellent compositions and renditions. My playlist starts with these and then the rest follows especially during studies, evening exercises or travel. Now “moh moh” will add to the list. This raga has the inherent power to calm me down and appreciate what is around and induce better involvement in the work. This kind of integrates your soul, thoughts and action. The more the nuances of the notes of this raga are used, the more soulful it becomes. The transition definitely enables one to connect the thought process.  

I am not a music expert to comment on the nuances of the raga. Nevertheless, went about researching the same and found that it has deep routing and quite similar to the raga “Purvi” with certain subtle differences in their notes and formations of swaras. A close equivalent of raga Purvi in carnatic is “Panthuravali”, yet another soulful raga, on which many songs are based upon (readers please correct me if I am wrong).

No wonder few Tamil songs like “Om Shivoham” from Naan Kadavul, “Ninnai Charandaithaen” from Bharathi, “Piraye piraye” from Pithamagan are in my playlist for a long time and am happy that I am able to reason out why, today. Inspiring compositions to keep your energy and vibes up as you listen! Lots to explore on this…

Patting myself for the morning well spent, expecting many songs be composed in similar lines to make few people like me happy to take ourselves out of the stressing financial and strategic management readings.

Let me get back to my studies. End of the day grades in exam counts! 

Music with Studies – Amazing Combo!

Enjoy & Celebrate! Keep Listening good music until we meet next time!